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The Federal Government could run out of cash at any moment

Since the start of the pandemic the U.S. economy has taken one financial hit after another. At this time, unemployment, social security and military payments are all at risk now that the U.S. Treasury could be running out of money.

Posted: Sep 30, 2021 4:23 PM
Updated: Oct 1, 2021 10:39 AM

LAFAYETTE, La. - This week, The Senate Grand Old Party (GOP) blocked a Democratic bill that would've suspended our country's debt limit.

"I am thinking that at the last minute there will be a better solution," said Rice.

Photo courtesy of Pixaby

Now Democrats are racing to find another solution as governemnt funding is set to run out in just a few days. So, what's at stake if that happens?

"I could live probably, but at a reduced scale," said Rice.

For one, a spike in unemplyment.

"I wouldn't have as much money," said Rice.

Second, missed social securty checks and military payments.

"This is how we pay our rent," said Guillory.

"I pay my rent with that," said Smith.

Deomcrats and Republicans couldn't see eye to eye. Wondering how can we keep government funding going and not increase our already staggering national debt toll of $26.7 trillion dollars.

Residents here in Louisiana say they can't afford to think about that. Yvonne Guillory is busy being a full time caregiver to her ill husband.

"This is the only income that's coming in and if we don't pay our rent you know were going to be on the street," said Guillory.

80 year old Carol Rice says she needs her social securty checks.

"It would cut my income drastically and change my standard of living. I might have to move to a different place or move in with my son," said Rice.

Richard Smith is worried about caregivers.

"If you need somebody to come and stay with you. If you get down, sick and you need somebody to come stay with you until you get back on your feet," said Smith.

Now if The Federal Government does run out of money it's predicted that'll it happen by October the 18th unless congress raises the debt limit. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the federal government's cash flows are "subject to unavoidable variability."

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