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Students at UL Lafayette share their opinion on the school's vaccine mandate

UL Lafayette's deadline for all students to get at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was Sept 20.

Posted: Sep 28, 2021 11:30 AM

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN)- The University of Louisiana Lafayette’s deadline for all students to get at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was this past week.

Those who fail to get vaccinated or submit the appropriate documentation for an exemption will be unable to register for the upcoming winter and spring semesters.

Students at the campus were on both sides of the fence when it came to their feelings about the vaccine being mandated. Jacoby Johnson, a junior, said that he felt pressured to get the vaccine.

“It was a threat to the ending of my academic career. Like I had to get it in order to keep going to college. Yeah, my education was in jeopardy,” Johnson said.

Students had until September 20th to either get their first dose of the vaccine or file for an exemption. If not, they would not be allowed to register for the upcoming winter and spring semesters.

“It’s making a lot of people feel uncomfortable, and I feel as though as a university you should want your students to feel the most comfortable on campus, and especially right now with all the controversy,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, he no desires to get the vaccination and he wishes students were allowed more time to think about it.

“But just doing it so quick right now and then ended deadline on to it just, it's a lot of pressure. It is a lot of pressure,” he said.

Over 7,000 students at UL Lafayette are either fully vaccinated or had their first dose. And, over 4,000 of students are not.

“Please get vaccinated because I don't want to get COVID and nobody else probably wants to, right?So you see the people dying everywhere and the bad things that are happening. So, you don't want that to happen to anybody,” a graduate student at UL Lafayette said.

Some students don’t see a problem with the vaccine mandate.

“It's the same as has happened with all the other vaccines, it's just one new addition. It's just a new addition, but it's FDA approved so why worry,” a graduated student said.

Students who did request to be exempt from the mandate can still decide to receive the vaccine later.

We reached out to officials at UL Lafayette for comment but no one was available.

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