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SLCC Campuses Will Open Wednesday , Oct. 13

Photo courtesy of SLCC

SLCC Campuses Will Open Wednesday , Oct. 13

Posted: Oct 11, 2020 2:53 PM
Updated: Oct 13, 2020 6:16 PM

UDATE:All South Louisiana Community College campuses will reopen and classes will resume as usual Wednesday, Oct. 14. If you are a student and are unable to attend or participate in class, please contact your instructors. If you are an employee and are unable to report for work, please contact your supervisor or department head. Remember if you are returning to a campus, please wear a mask and check-in with security prior to entering the building.

All South Louisiana Community College classes will be cancelled, and campuses will remain closed Tuesday, Oct. 13 because of continuing power outages.

While all campuses will be closed, essential services such as security, maintenance, and custodial must report to their respective campuses, unless otherwise directed by their departmental supervisor. Various departmental personnel throughout the college may need to report to their respective campus due to workload demands and priority deadlines. Such employees would only report as directed by their department supervisor with clearance from the respective Vice Chancellor.

Follow the college’s website, it’s official social media accounts, and check your college email for updates. 

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