President Biden's $2.3T Infrastructure Package

The President is making his rounds on his "Get America Back on Track Tour" as he visits Lake Charles and New Orleans, Louisiana. President Biden says he wants to help fix our states poor roads and bridges.

Posted: May 14, 2021 4:46 PM

LAKE CHARLES - Among President Biden's plans stands a $2T infrastructure package that will fix over sixteen hundred miles of our poor conditioned roads and low posted bridges.

"I believe you need the help, we're gonna try and make sure that you get it." said President Biden

President Joe biden visited Louisiana today to promote his $115B American jobs plan that will help rebuild roads and bridges.
Secretary of The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Shawn Wilson says issues like infrastructure is why Louisiana struggles financially.

"Trucks and commerce that were designed to move products can't move them over the bridges anymore because of the weight limitations and restrictions. From an economic perspective as well as a safety perspective we have to do more to invest." said Wilson

A part of that investment is rebuilding things like the Calcasieu River Bridge - it's infrastructure, is older than the entire interstate system itself.

"We have to build for what is needed now and I promise you we're going to do that." said President Biden

To fix these issues former Secretary of The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Kam Movassaghi says we need more money.

"My plan is a one time $115B investment so we can modernize bridges and roads and highways that need it most." said President Biden

"The source of funds in Louisiana for infrastructure for highways and roads and bridges is 16 cents gasoline tax that we pay and that gas tax hasn't changed in over 20 years." said Movassaghi

Of that 16 cents only seven gets used for supplies - supplies that need to go to new infrastructures and not maintaining old ones.

"So infrastructure is going to get more expensive the longer we take to invest in it and everything around us rightly so has increased in value and in cost." said Wilson

The $2T package will also help with water systems, broad band and airports.
President Biden says our nation as a whole has neglected fixing infrastructure issues over the last 50 years.

While President Biden is here he plans to look at ways to help hurricane recovery efforts and our covid-19 crisis.

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