Lafayette parish residents react to Gov. Edwards indoor mask mandate extension

The statewide indoor mask mandate is extended until October 27.

Posted: Sep 30, 2021 5:20 PM
Updated: Sep 30, 2021 5:24 PM

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN)- Governor John Bel Edwards extended the statewide indoor mask mandate until October 27, due to the state's overall COVID-19 outlook following Louisiana's worst COVID-19 surge of the entire pandemic.

Residents in Lafayette parish are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to the mask mandate. Some are okay with it, while others don’t see the reason for yet another extension.

Photo Courtesy of MGN

“We are really sick and tired of all this, I mean this is really two years now in the making. I never thought in the united states and we have, we have to be masked up, and we can't even see people's smiles and people's faces,” Mohammad Bahlawan, a resident, said.

Bahlawan doesn’t think we’ll ever see the end of the mask mandate.

“They're gonna keep doing extension and extension an extension, till we I don't know, it might be the rest of our life, that mess going to be like a style that we're going to be wearing for the rest of our life. I hate that. But I hope not,” Bahlawan said.

According to Bahlawan, the mask mandate being enforced in indoor settings, like restaurants, doesn’t make sense, especially since most people don’t wear them anyway.

“I would wear it when if I have to go to a restaurant or something required but then you walk in as soon as you walk in, you already have to take it off like in five seconds after you walk in you have to where it and then you put you in your chair you take it off. So, what is that possible if you're going to catch something from somebody in three seconds,” he said.

Meanwhile, other residents of the parish said that they don’t have a problem with the mask mandate extension.

“I was skeptical at first about wearing the mask. However, I did have COVID I know how the effects are, especially someone middle-aged and older. It's not an easy thing to get out of your system,” Scott Cavitt, another resident of Lafayette parish, said.

Cavitt believes that being asked to wear a mask is a reasonable request and we should all be used to it by now.

“I think it's time to step up, do what's right, wear the mask up. If not for protecting other people, to protect yourself, you just don't know what other people's health conditions are so why not wear it just to protect your own health,” he said.

There are a few times when wearing a mask indoors isn’t required such as:

-If someone has a medical condition that prevents wearing a face covering

- anyone is consuming a drink or food

- anyone who is trying to communicate a person who is hearing impaired

-anyone who is giving a speech to an audience

- anyone who is temporarily removing their mask for identification purposes.

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