First Day of School Gone Wrong

A kindergartner was misplaced after telling staff and faculty that they were wrong multiple times.

Posted: Aug 20, 2021 7:10 PM
Updated: Aug 23, 2021 9:33 AM

LAFAYETTE, La. - This week several kids were ready to get back in the classroom and do fun things like have recess and make new friends. However nothing was fun for kindergartner Wyatt Hebert on his very first day of school.

"Brave," said Wyatt
"And strong and you're going to be a big boy right?, said Ashley
"I'll be a gigantic boy," said Wyatt.

Meet an excited 5 year old Wyatt Hebert whose getting ready to be dropped off for his first day of kindergarten at Charles M. Burke Elementary.

"Are you going to get on a school bus?", said Ashley.
"No," said Wyatt.
"And if someone tells you to get on a school bus you're going to tell them?", said Ashley.
"No," said Wyatt.
"And you're going to tell them that who is picking you up?", said Ashley.
'"Mama," said Wyatt.
"Alright," said Ashley.

Well that was the plan until wyatt was actually picked up by a teacher and forced to get on a school bus.

"What if he gets on a bus, that's my biggest fear because we work 12 hour shifts," said Ashley.

"They put me on the bus because they thought i was a different Wyatt," said Wyatt.
I said "and which Wyatt was that?"
"Wyatt Meaux," said Wyatt.
I said "and which wyatt are you?" 
"Wyatt Hebert," said Wyatt.

Wyatt tells me the adults were confused. He says all day no one would listen to him from the moment he was put into the wrong class, Wyatt Meaux's class.

Wyatt Meaux is also 5 and in kindergartn but Wyatt Meaux was absent the first day of school, Wyatt Hebert was present.

"On the bus I was crying," said Wyatt.

"I can't trust you with my child," said Ashley.

Around 2:50 in the afternoon Ashley Hebert went to pick up her son. She nor the faculty or staff at Charles M. Burke Elementary could locate Wyatt.

"I said he's in Ms. Alvarez's class, they said Ms. Alvarez is not there, he was in Ms. Acosta's class. They went and got her, she shows me pictures of all her kids and I showed her Wyatt and she goes I've never seen him before," said Ashley.

It was a frantic 70 minutes before Wyatt Hebert was found, the school bus driver figured it out.

"If she would not have called the other Wyatt's mom and said I'm here to drop Wyatt off, you're not here, it never would've been caught. That is terrifying, " said Ashley.

Wyatt was quickly brought back to the school safe but he was shaken.

"I was crying on the bus but they said that i wasn't but I was," said Wyatt.

Wanting immediate answers for her sons disappearance Ashley says she got multiple apologies but could never get a straight answer from the Principal or Wyatt's teachers. She was just told that an investigation would be launched.

"I tried to tell them that i was Wyatt Hebert but they was confused and they wasn't listening so they said Meaux for my last name," said Wyatt.

Now since this ordeal Wyatt's mother has pulled him out of Charles M. Burke Elementary. When I asked Wyatt if he was ready to go back to school he told me no. He said it's because he doesn't want another adult to tell him he is not Wyatt Hebert. 

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